Let's Get Started

Our Philosophy

Our world changes, we change, our lives change. Stability through Change is a substantial part of our philosophy. Change is inevitable, better embrace it then fight against it.

You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on — Heraclitus said. We are different, though; we make the banks of your river, you fill it with the water you like. Here's how we — you and us, achieve the most of a cooperation. And we make the banks of your river rock solid so that you can change the water and its flow as you like.

Our believe

There's a Bulgarian saying — unless your father gives you yeast, you will not eat bread. We follow this principle. We give our clients yeast we do not offer bread. Our solutions are long lasting since we choose the newest technologies, we select only the best for you, our clients, because we trust you.

Trust us to help you best; don't tell us how, rather focus on what.

We know how.

Our Unique Scoring System

Each developer is assigned a score. The developer's score is calculated like this:

For every project in developer's resume the developer gains up to 10 points. (For technologies outside our technology stack no points are assigned, or, the score is assigned on a per case basis).

For every skill the developer proves to have developed she gains up to 10 more pts.

The Code Solidi's resume verification process establishes that.

In addition, while working on projects outsourced through Code Solidi, the developer earns more points — up to 20 for each successfully completed project. When a developer improves their skills and knowledge as a result of completing a project, she earns more skill points or adds new skills to her skill set, with their respective score, of course. This increases the overall score of the developer.

NB: Nothing is carved on stone, so the process is subject to further changes if we see a potential for its improvements.