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Our Requirements

They really aren't many — you just have to be an IT professional, ready to work remotely. To facilitate the communication process, we would be interested in applicants from European time zones (other time zones, with the exception of the North American ones, will be considered on a case-by-case basis).

Your Resume

We need to evaluate your resume. Together, we will review it project by project, skill by skill and assign score points to each of them. This will form your initial score, which would become the basis for your selection as a team member, as well as a measurement of your contribution to future projects, and therefore how much you will be payed.

A professional interview in its strict sense is not always adequate — we believe that it is not possible to make a reasonable assessment of someone's skills, knowledge and experience in just a few hours. We as IT developers know that this is just a rough evaluation, not an accurate estimate. However, we will invite you and we will be happy if you accept the invitation, provided that your CV matches the required developer profile.

One exception though — we may suspend your application if the required position is not a match to your technical skills. In this case we'd kindly ask you to allow us to keep your resume in case new project is available and your skills match the required ones. We'll inform you about this promptly.

After we assign your initial score we'd kindly ask you to publish your resume (in a format appropriate for Code Solidi purposes) so that entrepreneurs could see it and select you as a team member.

The Selection

Once you have become a Code Solidi team member you would join the potential team members list and would be available for selection. The potential team members list is where you will participate with your personal score and where entrepreneurs may select you as a member of their team.

The Score

Based on your resume you'll be assigned a value we call score. Each of your projects gives you up to 10 points, the top three skills of yours give you up to 10 points each too. For example, if you have worked on three projects you'll gain up to 30 pts, and also, if you prove you have the three skills you claimed you'll gain another 30 pts (max). The interview goal is to verify you deserve those 60 pts. Each project you finish successfully with us gives you up to 20 more pts. During your work (some of) your skills increase too and you gain extra points for your improved skills in addition.

More on this here.

The Compensation

You will be paid on a project basis. We will do our best so that you do not remain unoccupied, but we cannot guarantee this — it all depends on the projects, their frequency, duration, etc. Remember, if you join us we will not offer you an employment contract — many freelancers, that is remote (telecommute) workers, work like this. Code Solidi Ltd. makes no exception to this.

We try to be as fair as possible — your compensation highly depends on your personal score. The higher your score is the higher your compensation. So, the compensation is the project price divided by the team score, which, of course, is the sum of the scores of all the team members. Thus you get what you deserve — no more, no less. We do think this is fair.

So, why don't you

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