Build Your Team

You can select the developers you want to work with. This is your team. Usually a team consists of a team leader, one or two seniors and a couple (or more) juniors. In some cases you would need a software architect. If you prefer Scrum as a development methodology then a scrum master is a must.

Team Members

The Team Leader is, as the name implies, the leader of the development team. It fulfills both technical and administrative leadership roles. In rare cases where the team is relatively large, these two roles are split between two individuals.

Some require the team leader to be — when it comes to Scrum, a scrum master too. This is controversial and is not a Scrum in its purest form, but there are no fundamental obstacles to it.

After the Team Leader come Seniors or Senior Developers. All of the above are developers with a lot of knowledge, skills and experience. These are the people the team relies on if they have to deal with a critical situation. However, there is a change in the activities being performed — the Team Leader has a leading (technical, sometimes administrative, methodological, psychological, if you will) role, while that role for Seniors is significantly smaller, though substantial.

The Mid-level Developers together with the Juniors are the "flesh" of the team (if we think of the Team Leader and the Seniors as the team skeleton). Once you have selected the skeleton of your team you may start building around it.

Member Status

Some of Code Solidi's developers may have already been selected in a team and the team may have started work on a project. These members are unavailable for selection. Each such member has a final date when she becomes available back again. You can select only available members, the rest are either occupied, or on leave. You can also plan team's activities so that developers which are currently occupied or on leave, join your team when they become available.

Managing a Team

You, as entrepreneur, may decide to manage your team and assign tasks to each of the team members. You can also control how the team handles your requests, whether it is on schedule or not, what deliverables are already finished, what are currently in development, testing, staging, production, etc. You can have almost full control on what happens with your team.Or, if you decide so, you can leave this on us. We can perform all these activities on your behalf down to development and testing your product.

Choosing Team Members

What a developer can do depends on her score. The unique Code Solidi's Scoring System is described here.

Obtaining a Deliverable

It mostly depends on project's nature — if it a web-site it can be published where you have already chosen, if it is a desktop application it can be uploaded to a location where your customers can download it, etc. All the source codes and other project assets belong to you and you have an unrestricted access to where the code resides.


All payments are due either on monthly basis or on a sprint's one (provided you've chosen Scrum). Team members are to be rewarded for their good job, unless some unusual circumstances take place.

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